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PNG - Morro Grande Estate

PNG - Morro Grande Estate


Country: Papa New Guinea


Farm: Morro Grande Estate


Region: Wahgi Valley


Varietal/Species: Typica and Arusha


Process: Washed


Roast Profile: Light


Notes: Dried Apricot - Lemon - Bright Acidity 




It is uncertain how many coffee growers there are in PNG, but it is safe to state that the majority of the population of the Highlands in one way or another generates some income through the coffee industry. Although in recent history Papua New Guinea exported around 1 million bags of green bean, due to a deteriorating infrastructure an average year sees around 800,000 bags of green bean exported. Well over 90% of that volume is fully washed coffee from various Arabica varieties (predominantly Typica and Arusha), produced and sun-dried by smallholder coffee growers. With very few exceptions smallholder coffee is grown under shade. PNG is naturally blessed with very fertile soils, thereby further reducing the dependence on fertilisers or other physical inputs. Yet with little rejuvenation happening, the average age of coffee trees is quite old and the yield per hectare is low.


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