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The Origin, the name of the cafe, comes from the short phrase, “Knowing the Origin”, which represents the literal stand point of what it means.


With our standpoint, The Origin is “Find the Origin of life, spread health, hope, environmental protection, and civilisation to every corner of the world.”

Flower Arrangement

The Origin is:

-  A cafe restaurant, to serve healthy and delicious pure vegan meals and drinks.

-  An exhibition room, to demonstrate healthy and civilised purification living.


-  A living room, to welcome like-minded people who would shoulder the same mission.


-  A team, to sow virtuous seeds wide and far through hospitality.


-  A family, to create a showroom of harmony and happiness.

Specialty Teas and Coffee

A “Crop to Cup” experience…


Our specialty tea has been selected from Zealong Tea Estate, which is the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand producing 100% organic award-winning tea. We use traditional hand-brewing methods to provide you a tranquil Zen taste.


We are passionate about sourcing high-quality Single origin coffee beans from around the world and support the farmers, community and sustainability.  We small batch micro-roast to create unique blends that will tantalize your taste buds with every sip.

Tea Infusion

Plant-Based Cuisine

Our kitchen offers dedicated, pure vegan cuisine from a variety of European and Asian styles. Experience the flavours of the world without travelling.

The Origin Online

Our online store is known for its quality and healthy product offerings. We are continually updating our products with a variety of seasonal items and merchandise to complement our staple tea and coffee items. Check it out and start shopping!

Coffee Drip
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